Are your personal finances ready for your future?

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How committed are you?

We can’t predict the future, but it doesn’t stop us having aspirations and to achieve them we need to make commitments. Some are emotional commitments, such as getting married, and some are financial commitments, such as investing in a pension for a better retirement. All of these commitments represent clear choices made about your future.

Your commitments change throughout your life and are likely to reach a peak when you are 35-44. They are often driven by a need for security. Your financial commitments frequently underpin your emotional ones and when emotional commitments aren’t supported by financial planning, problems can occur.

So it’s important to know your commitments and understand how they might change with different life events. Then you can plan your personal finances and feel confident about the future.

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UK Average emotional and financial commitments

Your financial commitments often support emotional commitments. Do you think you’re spending enough time planning your finances?

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Your commitments, your future

Unless commitment is made, there is only promise and hopes; but no plans

Paul Drucker (American writer and management consultant)

Understanding how your emotional and financial commitments change throughout your life is important if you want to plan ahead and remain confident about the future. So we’ve carried out extensive research and produced a report to give you real insight into your commitment life stages.